Meaning of Iqra

In the Arabic language, the literal meaning of the verb Iqra is "TO READ! Seek knowledge! Educate yourselves! Be educated". It was the first word of the Qur'an, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by the angel Gabriel.

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We have the best and competent teaching staff in town, specializing in subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Science and English. We strictly follow syllabus based on CBSE pattern and affliated to Council of Elementary Education, New delhi

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Arabic Language

We teach Arabic and make sure that they understand what they read. We provide a comprehensive Quran curriculum that includes proper recitation & memorization skills, as well as meaningful lessons learned from respective chapters of the Quran.

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Islamic Studies

We focus on two dimensions - Individual and Social development. Individual dimension aims to prepare students to lead a positive and good life as adults in the world. On the Social dimension, education could be a tool to preserve a community's cultural heritage.

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Provide Quality Education & Personal Excellence

  • Provide quality; educational programs that integrate academic, Islamic, and Arabic studies
  • Promote excellent personal manners, high moral values, and strong leadership skills
  • Prepare students to become good citizens and contributing members of society
  • Empower students to seek and succeed in post-secondary education
  • Guide students to develop life skills and interests