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About Iqra Public School

IQRA PUBLIC SCHOOL, Motihari is a developing English medium C.B.S.E curriculum school for quality education with special emphasis on character building and personality development on Islamic line. It was established in 1990. We, at Iqra Public School are devoted to provide good quality education to students and inculcate morality in them towards other living beings. Iqra public School is dedicated to serve the mankind by fulfilling the following aims and objectives.

>> To provide education to the students with a view to develop responsible, god-fearing and worthy citizens of motherland India

>> To impart social, moral and cultural education in full conformity with the Islamic teachings

>> To create qualities of initiative, enterpreneurship, team-work, self-reliance and competitive spirit among the students to build up a perfect character

>> To collaborate in kindered activities with other national and international organizations, associations or institutions with similar objectives

>> To develop a sense for personal hygiene and proper physical development among the students

>> To provide instruction in various modern disciplines of knowledge and simultaneously see to it that the child’s overall development is in accordance with the Holy Quran